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Estate Planning

Not properly preparing for your eventual disability and death can cause unnecessary stress for your loved ones and your final wishes ultimately may not be honored. No one lives forever. But by carefully crafting an estate plan, you are minimizing uncertainty for your loved ones and reducing the risk of probate. This ensures everything goes smoothly when the time comes.


Our firm offers a variety of estate planning services that can be tailored to your needs. We offer flexible hours (including off-peak and non-traditional business hours) and come-to-you meetings and/or virtual meetings. Our firm is a hard-working, client-focused estate planning practice which will walk beside you and guide you throughout the entire process from start to finish. Our estate planning pricing model is based on flat fees rather than to charge hourly so you know what the price will be up front and there are no surprises.


Trusts are a versatile tool and a critical component of most modern estate plans. They can be used to save you money on taxes, ensure that your loved ones are taken care of, avoid probate and guardianship proceedings, and more. 

Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney give you the ability to designate someone to execute documents or make decisions for you when you are aren't able to do it yourself. 

Business Succession Planning

Businesses can be one of the most complicated things to plan for.  You not only have to worry about your family but also your business partners, customers, and employees too.


Wills have been a staple of estate planning since before our country existed. They can provide you a legally enforceable way to distribute your property upon your death.

Advance Medical Directives

Where other estate planning tools care for your stuff, an Advance Medical Directive (AMD) helps care for you. It allows you to state your wishes about medical treatment and designate someone to make decisions for you if you aren't able to make those decisions for yourself.

Animal Companion Planning

Animal companions are very important to many people. There are ways to plan to ensure our furry and feathered friends are taken care when we are no longer there to care for them.


Benjamin Inman, Attorney

My goal is to provide you with personalized legal services and sound advice so that you can have confidence in your estate plan.  

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